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Friday, March 25, 2011

N8 Firmware Updated 014.002 but apparently not

I updated the Nokia N8 firmware quite a few weeks ago and even posted on here to mention it however, today I plugged it into my computer and used the ovi services, which reported that there was an update available for my N8. My thoughts went straight to the talk about PR2.0 and thought that Christmas had come early. However, the software updater was saying that I have firmware version 013.016 and 014.002 is now available. If you remember further up in this paragraph I already told you that I updated to 014.002 and I also checked my phone *#0000# and yes, it is using 014.002. Anyway, I decided to let Ovi have a go at updating my software (again) and see what happens. Well the installation finished and nothing seemed to change but it seems that Ovi is satisfied that I have 014.002.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PR 2.0 What's coming up?

The Nokia N8 firmware update to 2.0 has been previewed with the portrait keyboard, chat application, faster scrolling and much more. But if you can't wait for it to come out to have a look, check out the video below.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

E7 gets Firmware upgrade

The big brother of the Nokia N8 is the Nokia E7 which has only just started to be released to the world last week. Already it has a firmware update which brings the E7 to firmware version 014.002. Currently there is no changelog available yet but we'll post it here when we get it because it would be interesting to see what they update. If you haven't checked out the E7 yet, follow this link to see a comparison with the Nokia N8.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Awesome Videos made Possible with N8

If you are wondering whether to get the Nokia N8 for its video capabilities, eight winners of the N8 producers competition may help you to make that decision. Here are the videos that won each producer the opportunity to experience ZERO gravity in a modified Boeing 727. Were they worthy of such an incredible experience? click play to pass your judgment :)

N8 BMX EDIT – Lénaïc Maréchal



Lapsed… – Iain Wallace

Nokia N8 – An A Cappella Jingle – Andrew

SK8FX #N8Productions – Dustin Hill

I can show you – Matjaz Klemencic

Waking up to life – keirux

Bike my day – Jurica Barac

Saturday, March 5, 2011

OviJackpot - should I bother?

I've just downloaded the app OviJackpot and after playing for quite a while, I can tell you what to expect. It promises bonus Ovi Applications but those Ovi Apps are actually already available on the Ovi Store for free. If you ever wonder what will happen when you lose all your "money", the game gives you back another $500 and away you go once again. There seems to be unlimited of these second chances. After unlocking two more casinos, the game and checking out the free applications that they were offering when I did win, I exited the game and came on here to tell you all what to expect. So did you save 30 minutes by googling Ovi Jackpot?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What to Do When My N8 Won't Send Emails

Recently had some problems with email on my phone. For some reason, the emails would not send. Today, I was able to mysteriously fix the problem by deleting all the outbox items that had been queuing to be sent and when I sent another email, it went off without a problem. This was a surprisingly easy fix for a problem that had me looking into every section of the phone's settings, connectivity, email, internet and preferences over and over again. If you have a mysterious problem sending emails from your N8, maybe try delete all the emails from your outbox and try again.

Another thing I discovered was that the Nokia email program does not allow you to send any attachments that exceed 4mb. This bombed my idea of uploading videos and photos via facebook's upload-by-email function. Anyway I am sure you all would find it useful to know the size limit for attachments.