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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

N9 brings Meego to reality

Stephen Elop, Nokia's new CEO, has announced the upcoming Meego Nokia device, the Nokia N9. Touted as the first completely touch device, the Nokia N9 will have a awesome 8MP autofocus camera which is one step back from the N8 12MP and will also include new technology which allows you to transfer files by tapping the phone on to another device. The device will be encased in a polycarbonate cover which apparently improves antenna performance.

The change to Meego will be an interesting one seeing as WP7 will be the future for Nokia. Not much is known about the N9 but if you want to check out the features and specs, head over to this page.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anna arrives in July

Nokia N8 fans are all waiting to wow their friends with  the upcoming Symbian Anna update in July. Perhaps the delay in releasing the firmware update is related to timing of the two big announcements coming up. After months of bad press reports and a demoralizing drop in Nokia's share price, the new over the air update to the N8 firmware will bring some massive changes that could keep Nokia fighting whilst it awaits the arrival of the first of the WP7 enabled Nokias. The firmware must be strong enough to keep investors hopeful of Nokia's recovery from its current form slump and Elop's reputation goes on the line with the introduction of this new girl.

Amongst the updates, there will be the ability to film HD 720P videos at 30 frames per second and auto-focus will be set to continuous. More soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Optus offering N8 on $29 cap

For those that have been eyeing the Nokia N8 for quite a while at a safe distance, perhaps your time has come. Optus has just released the Nokia N8 on their $29 cap and considering the problems that Vodafone is currently having, this may be the right deal to get you the 12MP media animal that the Nokia N8 is.

The Optus $29 cap includes $180 worth of value, 200MB of data, free social networking website access and two months free. The total commitment over two years is a minimum of $638 which should be low enough for most people to get on board.