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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best use of N8 Camera

Of course we know that the Nokia N8 can take great pictures of mountains and castles and scenery but how often in your daily life unless you are a pilot will you actually use this? A friend of mine always liked having the N95 because of the camera that it had on it because as an engineer, he used the N95 to take photos of circuits and machinery which would later be used by other engineers to inspect the parts. Obviously, you can see the importance of a good camera in his daily work so he was shocked at how amateurish the photos turned out when he upgraded to a different smartphone.

Since the N8's camera is probably still the best in the market, what do you do with your N8 camera in your day to day life which makes it impossible for you to leave your N8 at home? If you are busting to share some other reason why you can't leave your N8 at home.. go on...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random Vibrations Hidden Widgets

Every once in a while, I noticed that the N8 would vibrate randomly and I would open up the applications that are active and there was nothing I could see causing the vibrations. The usual times I can think of when the phone could vibrate is when

  • Missed call / Message 
  • GPS walk mode when it wants to tell you to turn a corner 
  • Gmail when new mail comes in
However, none of those scenarios occurred. It turns out that although I deleted the Email widget from my home screen, it was still working in the background (but not showing up as an active application) downloading emails and when it did, it would vibrate to let me know. 

So, your problem may be caused by a widget that is still downloading stuff long after it was removed from the home screen. Hope this helps.