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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 - Lumia 800

Nokia Australia has finally confirmed the arrival of the first Nokia phone with Windows Phone 7 – the Nokia Lumia 800 to Australia. It will be available through all Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and all major retailers from March 2012. The phone will be available in black, blue (Cyan), pink (Magenta) and white. People in Australia will be taken by surprise by this new device which looks completely different to the Nokia phones of old. Gone is Symbian and the one-hit-wonder Meego and in comes the full force of Microsoft.

Since the Nokia N9 did not gain much traction in the Australian market, the new Lumia 800 which uses the same body as the N9 will certainly impress many mobile phone users. Nokia Australia’s managing director, Chris Carr, said, “Nokia Lumia will change the way people think about Nokia.  It signifies a new beginning for the company, bringing together the very best of Nokia’s handset design and services with the latest Windows Phone software."

Australians have continued to grow in their appetite for mobile phones with the average user owning more than one device. As many people have grown used to, or even bored with, the iphone and android platforms, early adopters could be looking with keen interest at the WP7 operating system that powers the Lumia 800. There is a greater integration of social media tools and an increasing number of apps flooding the new operating system.

Microsoft's partnership with Nokia on this phone will bring to the Lumia 800 Microoft's XBox Live games as well as Nokia's leading GPS navigation system. Prepare for a large marketing onslaught that will herald the Lumia 800 with the marketing pitch to make "Amazing Every Day"

More about our experiences with the Lumia 800 will be at

Video of Fireworks using Nokia N8

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